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Slow Down

I am a multi-tasker, I am a run around the house cleaning, organizing, bashing myself against corners and doors in the process, whirlwind mover, which normally results in many bruises and me tiring myself out to the point of exhaustion that I actually can’t sleep. I like to get things done as quickly as possible because I can’t relax until everything on my list is done. So slowing down for me is a task and a half. Whether it’s going grocery shopping, cleaning, batch cooking, I want it done YESTERDAY. So no wonder I am a stress head!! I literally put pressure on myself for everything I need to get done to the point that I have an anxiety attack just worrying about whether things will be done “on time”. But who decides what is on time or what is too late? ME!!

Even writing this now I can see the craziness of my ways, don’t worry I am not that naïve to think this is normal. But I do know that is how many of us feel. In such a fast paced world that demands so much of our time and energy, how do we slow down? For me it takes a lot of mindfulness, it is a constant battle and right now I am sitting her conjuring lists in my head of all the things I need to get done this weekend, how I can navigate all of it and make sure I get it all done. 

I have read a few articles on this and some of the ideas to help you slow down seem a bit off the wall! For instance: “Stare at your turned-off TV for 10 minutes before turning it on” – Lori Dechene now seeing that alone obviously it sounds crazy but when you read on she talks about using the blank TV screen as a canvas to visualize and daydream. For me staring at a TV screen, even turned off is just not a peaceful environment for me to do this! But hey each to their own.

The article that resonated with me comes from Simple Lionheart Life, this gives us a very realistic list of 20 things we can do in our lives to help us slow down. These are things that I can for sure get on board with! Some of the suggestions are: Get outside, turn off your phone, wake up earlier, turn off the noise, add some white space to your schedule, say no more often, really listen when you are speaking to someone, and practice gratitude. Oh hell I like them all!! Thank you if you are still by some miracle reading this!!!

For me to implement these things I will need to be really strict on myself for a while until it becomes a new norm but I know it will reduce my stress levels hugely!! So I am going to give it a good try and hopefully I will start to see changes soon!!

If you’re interested in the article check it out here:

Also, any tips any of you have to throw into the pot here would be grately appreciated.

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